The Cessna 195 is one of the most beautiful airplanes ever built, it’s right up there with the P-38, Lockheed Constellation, and the DC-8.  Owning one of these airplanes and being privileged to fly around the great country of our United States in our Cessna 195 is more than one family could ever ask for.  Charmian and I have flown our beautiful 195 from Coast to Coast, border to border in the last ten years of ownership and we are just getting started on our adventures in the airplane.  I hope you enjoy browsing these web pages and sharing our experiences in the 195 and aviation throughout the last 55 years. There are six places for you to browse on our site after the home page.  A collection of Cessna 195 Stories I have written, about our experiences in the 195, there are a few aviation stories I have include in Aviation Stories, an Album page with pictures past and present, a selection of videos, and finally, a Blog page that documents our 2009 Cessna 195 vacation and various fly-ins we have attended over the years.  Please enjoy and feel free to e-mail any comments to me at mdlarson46@me.com for suggestions on how we may improve this site.

SCR 263    

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